Dental Membership Plan

Teens and Adults

Dental insurance can be a great thing, but many of our patients do not have access to dental insurance, and paying for dental care out of pocket is sometimes difficult. That’s why we developed the Attleboro Family Dental Care Dental Membership Plan. The whole purpose of this plan is to make sure you have access to our high-quality dental care, even if you don’t have insurance.

Review the plan options below, and then call us at 508-222-2510 to sign up yourself and your entire family!

Single Members

Patient will pay nonrefundable annual activation fee of $425.

Activation Fee Covers:

  • Two annual professional cleanings
  • One annual periodic examinations
  • Survey X-rays (bitewings)
  • Two fluoride applications

  • 25% off all preventive procedures
  • 20% off all basic procedures
  • 20% off all major procedures
  • 15% off all specialty procedures

Total value of the above services is over $500!

Fee discount will be applied to treatment up to $5,000. Afterward, individual case fees can be considered. Duration of membership is 12 months starting from the date of the activation payment.

This plan cannot be applied to treatments in progress. This plan can’t be combined with any other dental insurance plans. Existing uninsured patients are invited to join this Loyalty Plan. All existing practice policies apply. Annual activation fee is nonrefundable and can’t be rolled over. Discount is not applicable to dental products. Cannot be combined with any other promotional event.