Are You Experiencing Pain or Discomfort?


Restorative Care can Help You Feel Better

There are many causes of dental pain in Attleboro, from an infected tooth to inflamed gums. At Attleboro Family Dental Care, our “dream team” includes dentists who specialize in treating traumatic injuries and other painful dental problems.

Our staff specialists include:

  • Periodontist Fayez Badlissi – Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among American adults and can be painful in its later stages. As a periodontist, Dr. Badlissi specializes in treating gum disease. He can remove inflamed tissue and restore your gums to health.
  • Endodontist Monaf Alyassi – Dr. Alyassi has extensive training in endodontics, a specialty devoted to diagnosing and treating tooth pain, often with procedures such as root canals.

We use restorative dentistry to treat many emergencies. We may recommend:

  • Fillings – We can treat many cavities with a simple dental filling because we find decay in its earliest stages with our DIAGNOdent® cavity detector. Our non-metal fillings never stand out in your smile.
  • Dental Crown – This versatile restoration can repair everything from a large cavity to a broken tooth. When attached to a dental implant, it can replace a missing tooth.
  • Root Canal – A root canal procedure may be necessary to prevent losing a tooth to infection. In our office, it will be performed by a dentist with advanced training in this treatment.

We Work to Make Treatment Easy

Thanks to our staff of multiple dentists and our extended hours, we can easily work dental emergencies into our schedule. In fact, we leave blocks of time free just to deal with emergencies or other last-minute situations. We can even schedule appointments on Saturday. If your dental emergency has you feeling anxious, we’ll relax you with amenities like cozy blankets and headphones you can use to listen to music.