Preventive Dentistry Smile Tips From Attleboro, MA

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As your partner in oral health, we are here to tell you that your six month dental checkups and other preventive dentistry services are an essential part of keeping your mouth clean and your smile looking great. But there is a lot that needs to happen at home in those months in between visits to our Attleboro, MA dentists’ office.

Today we’re going to talk about brushing and flossing your teeth properly, how to choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste, and so forth. Keep reading for these great smile tips and then call us at 774-225-0618 to request your next appointment.

Finding The Right Tools For The Job

There are a mindblowing amount of toothbrushes on the market. Manual. Electric. Small head, large head. Soft/medium/hard bristles. You name it. But which one is best for you? Well, that all depends.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose of brushing is to eradicate dangerous bacteria and dental plaque from your gum line and teeth. To maximize your efforts, your toothbrush has to reach as many of the hard to find regions of your mouth as possible. A toothbrush with a smaller head makes that much easier to do, so in a certain respect, almost everyone will benefit from a small-head toothbrush. And soft bristles handle the job just fine. Plaque is soft and easily removed in its earliest stages. So, there’s no reason to scrub hard on your teeth.

Just make sure you are brushing twice a day (at least), every day. That will go a long way toward keeping gum disease and tooth decay from ever taking over.

Toothpaste Requires Some Thought

Some people like to really sock it to all that plaque and bacteria with a hearty-looking toothpaste. However a highly abrasive toothpaste does nothing for the health of your tooth enamel. Check for the ADA seal of approval on the brand you choose as that’s the safest way to be sure it’s good for your teeth. But it really won’t take much to tackle the plaque. Also, don’t think about toothpaste as your vehicle for whitening, because you could actually do more harm than good. If your teeth become yellow or discolored over time, talk to us about a professional teeth whitening appointment for that.

Flossing Is A Must

Here’s a little secret. Flossing is a matter of personal preference. You just have to find one you won’t mind using. There doesn’t seem to be any real difference in effectiveness between waxed and unwaxed floss. The same holds true of ribbon floss versus regular floss. Floss scrapes plaque off the facing sides of teeth. As long as it does that, you can use whichever kind you like. Just make sure you are flossing every day.

Call Today To Take Back Your Smile

It is important to remember that the dentist you trust the most is only a phone call away. Call our Attleboro, MA dental office today at 774-225-0618 or fill out our online form to request your next preventive dentistry appointment. We’ll give you plenty to smile about!


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