Why Dental Crowns Are A Great Fit For Your Smile [BLOG]

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Your teeth can sure take a beating!

They’re naturally designed to withstand a lifetime of abuse simply by doing their job to help you tear and chew your food. But even though that’s what they’re made to do doesn’t mean your teeth are impenetrable to damage and destruction.

Accidents, injuries, decay, and infections can all take a toll on your teeth at some point in your lifetime, but the good news is that dental crowns are there to restore your smile back to its original function, health, and beauty.

As if their very existence weren’t happy news enough, now dental crowns can be more precisely designed, custom-made, and placed faster and more conveniently than you may have ever thought possible.

With the experience and skill of our highly-trained dentists at Attleboro Family Dental Care, along with our advanced technology and modern tools and techniques, you can rely on a strong, natural-looking dental crown to preserve your beautiful, healthy smile the same day as your underlying restorative treatment!

Why Dental Crowns Are A Great Fit For Your Smile

Dental crowns have been around a long time.

That’s because there’s so much they can accomplish in the field of dental care.

What make them such a great fit for your smile is that dental crowns can be used to:

*Replace missing teeth

*Reinforce a weak tooth

*Cover and protect an infected tooth

*Treat large cavities

*Hide a dark or discolored tooth

They not only look like natural teeth, but dental crowns fit more snugly and more comfortably than ever before, especially in our modern Attleboro, MA dentist office!

CEREC Eliminates The Hassle Of Restorations

Never before has restorative dentistry been so fast and convenient for our Attleboro, MA patients. That’s because we invest in the latest dental technology to maximize your comfort and optimize your treatments.

The most significant improvement in dental innovation is CEREC technology, which we house in our practice. It’s a state-of-art digital software and technology that allows us to precisely design your new dental crown or dental bridge, craft it, and place it in one convenient appointment!

You don’t have to risk pain, discomfort, or hassle that you used to deal with when you’d spend days or weeks wearing a temporary crown while an outside lab fabricated your new one.

That’s less time and money you have to waste solving a single dental problem like a broken or damaged tooth or failed restoration.

Make An Appointment

Our team of skilled dentists in Attleboro, MA can craft your customized, permanent dental crown so your healthy smile stays that way.

And thanks to our state-of-the-art CEREC technology, we can do it in as little as one, convenient appointment!

Call our Attleboro, MA dental office today at 774-225-0618 or fill out our online form to request an appointment for your new dental crown.

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