Why Try Professional Teeth Whitening? [BLOG]

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Over the course of a lifetime, your smile’s appearance will change, and not necessarily for the better. Most of these shifts unfold slowly enough that you most likely won’t even notice them until one day when you look in the mirror and shake your head wondering how such a deterioration ever happeneded on your watch. Not to be overly dramatic, but this is what can happen with the color of your teeth. Your daily dose of coffee, occassional glass of red wine with dinner, or even your smoking habit that was long ago abandoned, can all leave their marks as your tooth enamel weakens from everyday wear and tear. If you are finding yourself in such a scenario, don’t worry! As the go-to place for cosmetic dentistry in Attleboro, MA, we can set you up with a professional teeth whitening treatment that is sure to restore your gorgeous grin, along with your confidence. Keep reading, and then give us a call at 774-225-0618 to request your smile makeover consultation appointment at Attleboro Family Dental Care.

How Do Teeth Get So Dark & Discolored?

This question is worth exploring because the effectiveness of a teeth whitening treatment can depend largely on the root cause of your discolored smile. Some of the most common reasons your teeth become stained and dingy are:

  • Lack of a Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine
  • Poor Oral Health
  • Advanced Age
  • General Health Problems
  • The Need for Prescription Medications
  • Regular Intake of Richly-Colored Foods
  • Daily Consumption of coffee or tea
  • Habits Like Smoking or Drinking

Why You’ll Need Professional Help

All we can say is that cheaper isn’t always better, and a store-bought teeth whitening system will quickly remind you of that fact. The generic one-size-fits-all approach of those kits has been known to be ineffective but it can actually be dangerous as well.

In order to safely and effectively reverse years worth of staining from your teeth, you will need to seek the expertise of a dental professional.

At our Attleboro office we have all the tools and technologies required to get the job done properly. Around here, we rely on Zoom!, one of the most trusted whitening programs (that only dentists can provide).

With customized mouth trays, you can protect your gums from harm because the whitening solution won’t spill out of the trays and onto your gums like it does with those DIY kits.

Plus, the concentration of whitening agents in our Zoom! treatments are far more powerful than DIY kits, yet they’re administered under the safe monitoring of a trained dentist.

So, for the safest method and the best results, get yourself scheduled for a visit to Attleboro Family Dental Care! With summer rapidly approaching, there couldn’t be a better time to take action.

Call Today For A Whiter Smile!

We hope that you have been inspired to come see for yourself what a professional teeth whitening solution can do for your smile. Call our Attleboro, MA dental office today at 774-225-0618 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.


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