Beware of DIY Dentistry

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When it come to DIY projects, stick to improvement on your house instead of your mouth and body. It’s true that you play the biggest role in your overall health and oral health when it comes to maintenance, but you should leave the treatments to the experts. Our Attleboro MA dental office, Attleboro Family Dental Care, has a wide range of services for all patients.

We are writing about DIY dentistry because we have seen some scary videos and articles online recently about DIY dentistry gone wrong. Recently the American Association of Orthodontists even issued a warning to consumers urging them to ignore DIY orthodontic videos and articles. Today we want to discuss some of the dangers of DIY dentistry and how our office has made treatments faster and more effective than ever before.

DIY Dentistry Isn’t Effective, Safe

The biggest threat of DIY dentistry is that it isn’t conducted in a controlled environment and under professional medical supervision. That part is obvious, but also, you will almost never receive optimal results. It’s not just about having your treatment in a controlled environment. You also need to have a dental professional oversee the different aspects of your care.

Here are two examples that come to mind: extractions and orthodontics.

There are stories of people removing their own teeth or using rubber bands on their teeth in an attempt to improve alignment. Both of these DIY tactics can be catastrophic to your smile. People who remove their own teeth may not remove the entire tooth AND they are setting the stage for a serious infection. If you’re doing your own orthodontic treatment, especially with rubber bands, you risk serious tooth or gum damage. The rubber bands can slip underneath the gums, causing the teeth to fail or gums to recede.

Cleaning Up DIY Dentistry is Expensive

One of the big reasons people elect to do their own treatment is the price. Orthodontic treatment, especially can cost thousands of dollars. An extraction, on the other hand, is only a few hundred dollars. Your costs can skyrocket if your DIY goes wrong. We mentioned above about the DIY orthodontic approach using rubber bands. There have been reports of patients using this method and then needing tens of thousands of dollars in restorative dentistry.

You see, DIY dentistry doesn’t just lead to poor results, but you’re putting yourself at a risk for a whole host of problems, including infections and even tooth loss.

Come to the Dental Professionals

Attleboro Family Dental Care has a number of treatments for you and your family. We have eight different dentists skilled in all aspects of general dentistry. That means whenever you come to our office for your treatment, you’ll know that you’re working with a professional.

If you have dental problems or want to enhance your smile, your first step should be visiting a qualified dentist. You can set up an appointment today by calling us at 774-225-0618 or using the online form to request a consultation.. We’d love to sit down and discuss your smile goals.


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