Help Your Heart With A Fall Teeth Cleaning And Oral Exam [BLOG]

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Ready or not, the holidays are rapidly approaching. Your social calendar is probably already filling up with all sorts of festive gatherings. That means you’ll want to go ahead and get your next preventive dental appointment on the books ASAP so that you’ll have a fresh, clean mouth, and a recently polished smile to show off. It might also help you maintain a healthy heart! There’s no time like the present to call us at 508-552-4222 to request your next teeth cleaning and oral exam at Attleboro Family Dental Care! Until we see you in person, you can keep reading for a few other things to keep in mind if you want to keep smiling big all season long.

Don’t Let Your Oral Care Routine Fall Off

All the fall fun with friends and family can throw off our schedules and priorities. We hope you will not let your regular habits slip through the cracks. Exercises like brushing and flossing your teeth every day are even more important when there is more sugary food and alcohol around. This daily practice will go a long way toward keeping your mouth fresh and your teeth and gums looking their best. 

Get Your End Of Year Dental Cleaning And Oral Exam

No matter how good you are about keeping on top of the hygiene work you do at home, that alone will never be enough to carry your smile forward. And it’s amazing how fast your time can become spoken for, especially during the action-packed holiday season. Many of us get to take some time off of work and to enjoy quality time with the kids while they’re on break. Plus, we all love to attend special events like football games and Thanksgiving feasts. By the way, if you need a quick cosmetic fix to help prepare for any of those occasions, we can help with that too! All that is to say that, even if you are busy, it doesn’t take much of your time to get to enjoy one of the big benefits of keeping regular preventive dentistry checkups. We are talking about how finding a window of opportunity for coming to see us gives us a chance for Dr. Hannawi and the rest of our team to detect early signs of trouble with your teeth and gums. For that purpose, we can utilize DIAGNOdent cavity detectors, which use laser fluorescence to help us find cavities in their earliest stages, when they are small and simple to treat. We also have VELscope, a handheld tool that identifies tissue abnormalities that can be an early indicator of oral cancer. It goes without saying that we would want to be able to treat any issues like these right away instead of leaving your mouth at risk for toothaches, infections, and other dental emergencies while you’re supposed to be busy enjoying life.

Call Today To Schedule Your Autumn Visit!

If you have been inspired to keep your oral health on the good road for Fall 2019 and beyond, call our Attleboro, MA dental office today at 508-552-4222 or fill out our online form to request an easy appointment for a teeth cleaning and oral exam. Be sure to ask us about our in-house dental membership plan. As a member, you can receive all of your routine care for one low annual fee. Some additional treatments will be discounted, as well! 

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